Looking For Developer - Audio software for iOS and Android App


Hi there, my name is Pasquale, I am one of the creator of Oddball

You might have heard of it, Oddball is fundamentally a drum-machine crammed in a ball - every time you bounce it, shake it, catch it, turn it, it triggers a sound through a connected App, so you can make beats by bouncing a ball. It is also a MIDI bluetooth bounce-able device, so you can also use it directly with Ableton, Logic Etc.

We have launched a Kickstarter which went quite well, sold almost 3000 units. Now we are finalizing the development of the app

I writing on this forum because we are looking for somebody that can take care of the sound engine (basically a sampler) of the app.

I developed a basic version of it in PD but we would like to get somebody with a good experience to take over the development.

It would be great to have a chat with any of you who could be interested and available. We are based in London so we could meet some times and show you Oddball if you are around.