Looking for experienced developer


We are looking for a developer wanting to make some plugins with us.

Can you create a low and high pass filter with resonance?

Can you create an ADSR?

Can you make every parameter MIDI mappable? Can you make Logic MIDI FX plugins (with UI)?

Do you want to start immediately?

Do you want to split the revenues 50-50% with no front payment? (Our last product was a 2 month part time job and the revenues were almost $30’000 with almost no advertising. This:
Other products on https://filtergrade.com/product-category/video/

We won’t make just another version of existing plugins. We do unique, highly requested plugins.

Do you like this project? Contact us now.



Go to the links on the post.

How will you be contributing to the development? Are you a developer also?

I will contribute with the plugins idea, the concept and the design (what it does) and finally the UI unless you want to do it