Looking for freelance Dev/Team to create Speech-to-Text editor app for DAWs

I’m Ryan from AudiOMG, a new company creating a Speech-to-Text app that allows users:

  1. A Text Reference Line that follows the Audio Track
  2. Text Edit capabilities that directly effect the waveform (ie delete words , rearrange words)
  3. Multiple Text Colors for identifying different people speaking in audio file

I am a musician and podcast producer, and even though I can spot ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ by just looking at waveforms, I still find many times in my work when a simple text script would help me keep my placeand speed up the editing process. Also, being able to edit the text and have the audio reflect the changes would drastically cut down time spent on a project, which translate to a higher dollar-per-hour workflow.
This is a dream of mine that I would love to see realized. I am well versed in the Audio world, though admit to knowing little of the development side. I’m looking for passionate, crazy, cool folks to help me realize this project! If the idea excites you, please reach out and let’s discuss the steps needed to get this Plugin out into the world- budget, team size, timetable, etc… I’m looking to you all to help form an awesome team for an awesome project!
Thanks and hope to talk soon y’all.
Ryan Reeves