Looking for freelance programmer / developer - JUCE, XCODE, C++, DSP, Pace, Pro Tools experience

I’m looking for a freelancer to work on a few niche plugins. These are for internal use at our company or small market at most, so I think it makes most sense to pay by the hour for work performed. I’m an entrepreneur / company owner with limited self-taught programming skills and have several plug-ins / apps in various states of development which I don’t have the time or skills to properly fully implement. Looking for someone to work with me to flesh these out and then pass back as Xcode/JUCE projects so I can maintain and modify as needed in the future. NDA and Work For Hire agreement would be required. Direct message me with your info if interested.


Hi nuvar,
after a longer period of working employed in audio industry, I am coming back to work on a freelance basis focussing on dev2dev work. For more information check me out on github/ffAudio and linked.in.
I’ll PM you my contact details…



I am highly interested to work over the project for you. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. I will share more details of mine over an email.

Skype: cisin.karen

Em-ail : karen.cis10@gmail.com