Looking for freelancer [Recording, Playing and Mixing]

I am a mobile developer working on my Client’s app (iOS + Android) which has some audio effects. My Client decided to find alternatives to Superpowered which we were using for the last year. I heard some good opinions about Juce and wanted to try it out. However it seems that Juce API is way different from SP and I don’t have enough time to get to know it properly. I am looking for a freelancer who could help me migrate our current code into Juce. I think our case is rather simple:

  • Record audio to a file with simultaneous playback
  • Play audio from mp3 file with “live” reverb effect
  • Decode mp3 files, apply reverb, mix (merge 2 files) and save to a file

All GUI and other logic is on my side - I just need someone to help me quickly get through this audio processing. This code does not have to be “production ready” - I just need a good template on which I can work with (and some basic understanding).

I prefer paid consultations with fixed hour rate or if you need some mobile development I can barter for this (or both).

Please reach me at: piotr@p-programisci.pl

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