Looking for p/t or f/t app developer - commercial building lighting control

Looking for p/t or f/t app developer

About You:

Have a startup personality and enjoy working as part of a team: smart, hard-working, and productive.
Understand every aspect of what makes applications intuitive and approachable.
Willing and able to travel for occasional meetings in Boynton Beach, FL and New York City. Local to either? Even better.


Will work with the principle developers to understand, contribute to ongoing development and eventually be in charge of maintaining Xeleum’s Xi-Fi application, an application for Lighting Control using the JUCE framework.

Will ensure intuitive and appealing usability of the app.

Will work with the principle developers to understand, contribute, and eventually be in charge of ongoing development of embedded and front-end software (daemons and the like) using the JUCE framework.
The roll may grow to include other types of software like back-end apps, front end development, embedded linux gateways, etc.

Key Qualifications:

Solid C++ skills
Experience using JUCE framework (Windows, OS X, Android)
Experience implementing responsive user interfaces.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with Linux daemons, containers, embedded linux applications, back-end stacks.

Interested candidates, please send CV and/or work portfolios to:
mlindahl@xeleum.com - or PM me.

About Us:

Xeleum is a U.S. based market leader in industrial and commercial high-quality LED Lighting and Control products. Our main facility Is located in Boynton Beach, Florida with other facilities in New York and China. Our engineering team is dedicated to the development of new, leading edge products and intelligent devices that provide the maximum possible energy savings while increasing occupant comfort, productivity and safety.