Looking To Hire Dev For Plugin

Hey legends!

I’m an artist manager - working with an act who’s recently had a bit of breakthrough success off the back of doing some remixes for fun that went viral - it’s been a pretty crazy year, from being in lockdown relatively unknown around the world to coming out the other side touring non-stop for the last 8 months.

We’ve always talked about wanting to build a plugin, but it always felt like something that would be impossible - but since the newfound platform has grown so rapidly it’s beginning to feel like the right time to explore this idea - given if we get it right there’s likely a very engaged audience who it will speak too.

Would love to hear from any developers who have experience brining plugin products to market - we’re mostly interested in a weird quirky synthesis tool (like synplant) but we’re definitely not locked in and would be open to ideas - if you are interested please send a short intro and resume/links to previous work my way :slight_smile:



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