Lookup Table which depends on class parameters

Hi people of JUCE!

I’m trying to implement a Look Up Table Transfrom which depends on class parameters, since they are descriptors for trascendental equations. Each parameter is inherited by a super class, each son instantiates its personal parameters and they are used for its own Look Up Table.

The problem is that the Look up Table Transform accepts only static member functions, and this is not the case since I can note declare a static method, because my exponential equation depends on class parameters.

Could someone suggest me a better way, if there is one, to implement a Look up table which depends on class parameters, that I can create for instance in the constructor of the class?

You will have to supply the function each time the parameters change, since only then the function is evaluated and turned into a static lookup table.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be a lookup table, if it was evaluating your function dynamically.

Hi @daniel ! Thank you for your kind reply.

I just need to initialize N different Look Up Tables in N different classes during the construction. The function inside the look up table will depends on class specific parameters that will not change at run time