Looping Over Midi, notes duration cut is cut short

I have added a series of midi notes to a midi clip and that clip on an audio track. when i loop the track before the end of the midi clip the notes get turned off prematurely, i would like for them to be only turned off after they have completed their duration. eg carry over when the loop goes back to start.
if(midi Node was cut short)
add note with reaming duration to start.

This isn’t really a feature we have or plan to add at the moment as it’s not something I would expect to happen. If you reach the end of a looped region, the playhead is moving to the start of a new region where those notes are not being played, hence I would expect them to stop.

The only time I would expect this kind of thin would be with one-kit synths such as drum synths. However, it would be up to the plugin to continue the note’s sound until its duration has completed (ignoring any note-off to kill it) rather than the DAW sequencer to do this.