Los Angeles based plug-in company in search of a Juce GUI programmer

Los Angeles based plug-in company is searching for a JUCE GUI programmer.

Full-time Job. Flexible hours from home. Great team. Exciting projects (we innovate we do not imitate).
Job description:

  • Translating intricate mockups into live vector graphics
  • Writing complex UI controls
  • Product packaging (installers and so on)
  • Other general JUCE related chores


  • Be a musician.
  • JUCE API Virtuose
  • Prior experience - advantage
  • Team worker
  • Can take a UX project from start to finish.
  • Fast learner
  • Independent trustworthy and responsible

Please apply to:

All the best!


Just wanted to say this is super clever - what a great way to both filter applicants and protect your address from spam crawlers!


Im sure it was FB who kicked this whole thing off… Things like this are dangerous to those in the know as you feel compelled to decode even though you know its going to be an email which you could have guessed.

not be a total idiot, but just out of interest, how are you supposed to decrypt it without the keys…?

If you know the format of an email address you should be able to decode it in about 40 seconds


No need for hacking or cracking or decryption, it’s simple Hexadecimal. Took about 10 seconds to decode.

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