Lots of untrackable repainting in TreeView

Hi all,

I have a custom Component that inherits TreeView. The view is added several layers deep in my plugin ui. I'm trying to figure why the top-level plugin ui component (as in the parent component of all other components) is repainted everytime a new item is added to the custom TreeView. I've been breakpointing & debugging for quite some time now I feel like I'm missing something painfully obvious.

Does using addAndMakeVisible() bubble a repaint all the way up to the master parent? Is that just how the component system works?

Have you tried setting the JUCE_ENABLE_REPAINT_DEBUGGING flag? That can be quite helpful.

oh wow, that's very fun and very useful!

I see now that only the rec where the child component lives gets repainted. I was surprised to see that the parent's paint() gets called, but I suppose that's because the parent could be semi-transparent in areas. I see now there are lengthy discussion with opaqueness. Onward!

Many thanks!