Lower click track gain limit is .2

What is the reason for the lower limit on the click track gain being .2?

void Edit::setClickTrackVolume (float gain)
    clickTrackGain = juce::jlimit (0.2f, 1.0f, gain);
    engine.getPropertyStorage().setProperty (SettingID::lastClickTrackLevel, gain);

Is there a way to lower the gain past this? Ive tried using edit.clickTrackGain.setValue(0.0f, nullptr); but it seems the .2 limit still affects this as well. Id like to be able to raise/lower the gain between 0 and 1 instead of .2 and 1

Probably a safety thing to avoid people setting the clip track volume to 0 and then wondering why they can’t hear it.

Is there a reason you need it that low? If you set it to 0, wouldn’t you be better of turning the click track off?

that makes sense! Yeah I can just turn it off once it reaches .2.