LPX M1 Hang

Hi guys,

I would like to know if some of you have some report of hang in LPX on M1 arch ?
I was able to reproduce it one time but stopping in Xcode didn’t show any of my code.

I am able to launch Xcode trhough the debugger without disabling SIP but maybe I should to have some symbol ?

Thanks !

For those interested, it seems that Logic on M1 sometimes calls getStateInformation on other thread.

Logic call from time to time getState in another thread when using its own preset menu copy item
and unfortunately block as the same time the main UI thread.
Don’t know if this on purpose.

I used to post on the message thread and wait for completion but this cannot work here.
@mfritze In case you are interested.

I just ran into the exact same problem… How did you end up solving it? I can’t touch our plugin state in any thread other than the message thread to avoid data races.

if it’s logic I do it synchronous in the non message thread…

juce::PluginHostType host;
if (host.isLogic())

my rationale is that in this case, Logic do not process the message thread either but I agree this is not the best

@otristan thanks! I actually found that the same problem happen with the strict test on AUVal that’s triggered by PluginVal… So this is more difficult than it seems.
You’ll easy recreate it with:

auval -v aumu BTSC ModX -stress 5

I wish I could just generalize for Logic, but there’s also MainStage and GarageBand which I haven’t tested yet but might suffer from the same problem.

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