LV2 Issues

Thank You for pointing. Indeed guitarix plugins don’t have that makeResident feature and works fine here.
I’ve made a BR on author’s GH page.

@reuk, is a local file supported in the path class?
I test this with GitHub - rncbc/drumkv1: drumkv1 - an old-school drum-kit sampler


No, at the moment we don’t have a way to represent parameters that aren’t float-backed.

Ok, not a big problem :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with rncbc plugins (GitHub - rncbc/drumkv1: drumkv1 - an old-school drum-kit sampler for example)
It works in Ardour, Jalv, Carla, Qtractor and Reaper. Qtractor and Carla both are Qt-based, so let assume they share some Qt stuff as you mentioned here `juce7` technical preview branch - #135 by reuk
Ardour and Jalv uses libsuil I guess: LV2 / suil · GitLab (at least, they linked with that).
And Reaper is a pure X11 app where drumkv1 works. It loses focus after you select sample so values cannot be set with keyboard, but this is a focus/window stacking problem, otherwise it works fine.

With JUCE it has focus and receives events from mouse/keyboard but nothing happens after. To check that, you can place a ~/.config/QtProject/qtlogging.ini file and switch Qt logging on:


Then run APH in the terminal and watch the output. Every click is received, then nothing. The same check can be done in the other hosts (run Reaper in terminal and add this plugin) to compare plugin’s action.

My guess (very primitive) that problem is between Qt and JUCE, something prevents to execute threads when Qt apps was executed “inside” JUCE. I’d like to trace that more deeply but not sure how to.

@reuk :bowing_man:

forward from FalkTX (author of Carla, Cardinal, DPF and other stuff):
guess would be juce not giving ui idle at all, or not on the correct thread

We do provide an idle callback on Linux, but not on macOS or Windows. The idle callback is made on JUCE’s main thread, from a timer callback.

I think if the idle callback was broken, we would see issues in other plugins too. For example, it looks like plugins based on DPF require idle callbacks, but those can be used successfully in the AudioPluginHost.

Ineed. DPF-based plugins works.

Another find, perhaps it happen with every plugin (not just LV2) with non-ASCII name:
It’s a plugins/eg-amp.lv2/amp.ttl · master · LV2 / lv2 · GitLab with bundled translations:

Though it’s not a critical issue, is it possible to fix UTF-8 names in plugins?