Mac browser plugin demo doesn't compile - var not understood


I managed to build the new Netscape browser plugins on Windows and decided to move to Mac. This is my first xcode project and I started with the browser plugin’s demo project. As I fired off the build, I got a bunch of compilation errors, almost all of them around the ‘var’ object (javascript object defined in juce_variant).

I didn’t make any changes to the xcode project file (and my Copy Files under targets says /Library/Internet plug ins).

This is based on the nightly code I got just now.

Compiles just fine here. Maybe make sure your project has the latest version of the juce_amalgamated files.

I checked again. I have the latest nightly sources and I can even see ‘class JUCE_API var’ in juce_amalgamated.h. Still I get compilation errors around var.

I was able to build jucedemo without a hitch. I will continue to poke around, but I’m not an xcode person (I so miss Makefiles here!). Since the issue is with code that’s in the nightly but not in 1_46, could you double check that you have committed everything in your copy?

Or could someone else try the nightly sources and tell me if they can build the browser plugins directory on mac using xcode?

I built the browser plugins without these errors using a clean checkout of r725. I’m on Xcode 3.1.2.

Maybe your include paths are making it pick up the wrong header files.

The issue is that we have …/…/…/…/juce/juce_amalgamated.* instead of …/…/…/juce_amal … and that makes sense too.

I had a directory called juce already which had 1.46 in it. This one I called juceNightly, but due to the extra indirection and back in, it was taking the older 1.46 files.