Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and XCode 4.1 - ugh



Just to warn you before you try this - I “upgraded” from 10.6 and XCode 3.x on and old mac, and found that I now cannot build any of my projects - gcc reports error code 255 (looks like it must be a linker error of some kind). No helpful error message that I can see yet. :frowning: Same error with either llvm-gcc or plain gcc.

If anybody knows what the solution might be (!) do please share your knowledge with this forum!

Until I find a solution on that Mac, I’ll stick to building on my old 10.6 / XCode 3.x Mac! :shock:

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Do you get these errors under xcode 4 on 10.6 ?
This looks like 2 big leaps at a time to expect it to work straight forward :wink:


Hi Dri!

I’ve avoided XCode 4.x until I’ve - now! - been forced to - I tried it on my son’s machine, and didn’t like the UI at all.
Little things annoy me, like no tooltip pop-ups over all the small buttons - one of many things that annoy me with the behaviour of Apple’s desktop products.

So here I am, stuck with both Mac OS X 10.7 and XCode 4.x at the same time!

As an aside - I think Apple’s mobile UIs are generally very good, but their desktop apps are (purely IMO!) have terrible UIs compared to those created by e.g. Microsoft. :slight_smile:



googling for “error 255” seems to just find a lot of other confused people who’ve hit it, but nobody seems to know what it means…! Is it an internal compiler error?


Aha! I’ve just tracked this down…

The problem was due to the project having originally been one that built for i386, x86_64 … and PPC.
I had used XCode 4.1 to remove the PPC build settings (as XCode 4.1 doesn’t build for PPC…) … but it turns out that XCode 4.1 didn’t fully remove the PPC references from the project!

Closing the project, and opening the myproject.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file with a text editor (Mac Vim in my case), showed that the .pbxproj file still had some PPC references…!!
I removed those settings with the editor; reloaded the myproject.xcodeproj, and the code then built AOK.

Hoping this helps somebody!

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Does that mean that Xcode 4 is dropping PPC support altogether then?


Apple always seem to be a bit hasty with dropping support for things they believe are outdated.


Hi Jules,

Well … it looks that way! I don’t remember reading anything categoric though - has anybody else read anything concrete on this?

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I’m pretty sure that XCode 4.x has removed all PPC support.

In addition, a recent Apple technical note (TN 2267) suggests that Audio Units need to have been built using the OS 10.6 or 10.7 SDK in order to run in Lion. Which means that all of my 32-bit Audio Units, which are built using the 10.5 SDK & targeting 10.4, will not work in Lion. This also means that a build that creates a universal binary for PPC/Intel will NOT work in Lion. I’m waiting for someone from Apple to confirm or deny this. If it is true, this would imply that Apple is doing their best to make supporting PPC customers VERY difficult.

I’ve also heard that Lion doesn’t support using XCode 3.2.x. :evil:

UPDATE: I’ve had several responses on the CoreAudio mailing list, from Apple employees and other plugin developers, that dispel my AU paranoia. Apparently plugins built with the 10.5 SDK, targeting 10.4, work fine in Lion.

Sean Costello


It’s not ‘supported’ as such, but it works fine. The 4.1 install simply moves your /Developer directory to /Developer-old, so XCode3 just gets shuffled out of the way, but remains intact with the older 10.4/10.5/10.5 SDKs,

The issue with PPC on XCode4 is that it’s not binary compatible with the old XCode3 SDKs. You can’t just copy one of the old SDK directories over, for example.

XCode4.1 ships only with 10.6/10.7 SDKs which given that 10.6 never did support PPC, pretty much nails the coffin lid shut.

Either way, dual-installing XCode is very easy and seems robust to me.