Mac OS X VST using OpenGL glew Compatibility instead of Core profile?

Project in question:

My project “PrettyScope” is a VST plugin that uses openGL glew to draw waveforms. Upon trying to build for Mac, I found that it reports openGL version 2.1 because apparently my project is using “openGL compatibility” rather than “opengl core profile”. My target openGL version is 3.3 so the VST won’t work on Mac in this case.

More details about this problem:

The fix, as I understand (limited understanding), is to create a “Cocoa” application and possibly change the functions used in my OpenGL code, do something with the shaders as well [detailed in this video] (

I would have discussed this with the openGL programmer I hired for the project, but he is currently away. Has anyone run into this and successfully solved it? Will it be possible to get my project to run on Mac? Just asking on behalf of my programmer so when he returns he can take a look at this thread. Any hints are appreciated!