I am trying to build the RTAS version of the Demo plugin. The directions in the README are a bit ambiguous. How do you set up MacBag? The 10002 errors I got makes me think that my method was incorrect.


Sean Costello

MacBag should be set up by the RTAS SDK itself… Not really sure what extra info I could give you that would help…

I have MacBag in my PT_80_SDK folder. How do I point my Juce Demo Plugin to it?



In my build I did like the readme says, and added it as a definition in the RTAS .config file


In target settings there sould be a userdefined setting named MacBag and pointing to the path of sdk’s macbag (i.e. /Users/yourusername/SDKs/PT_80_SDK/MacBag

This is done automatically if specify that path in the RTAS common debug settings. i.e. MacBag = /Users/yourusername/SDKs/PT_80_SDK/MacBag.
Then in target property, you specify to use the RTAS ‘commondebugsettings’ instead of ‘nothing’.


Salvator’s spelling it out did the trick! Thanks.

Now I am having some issues specific to my RTAS plugin that aren’t showing up in AU/VST, but I’ll put that in a different thread.

Sean Costello

Another newbie question. I guess I have to build the RTAS library just like with windows version. How do I do that?? What file do i have to open and compile in Xcode?


Thank you Sean!