macOS - metal runtime errors with macOS Sonoma 14.0

Hi folks,

Using Xcode 15.0.1, macOS Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)

Started seeing occasional runtime errors like this with my app…

Thread 25 Queue : CA::CG::Queue (serial)

-[MTLDebugRenderCommandEncoder validateCommonDrawErrors:]:5775: failed assertion `Draw Errors Validation
Vertex Function(path_blit_vert_lph): argument vertexBuffer.0[0] from buffer(1) with offset(262128) and length(262144) has space for 16 bytes, but argument has a length(48).

Anybody else seen this?

NB: I have the Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer option enabled in Xcode.

Best wishes, Pete


Hi @t0m,

Thanks for getting back to me.

No, I haven’t defined that flag.

Best wishes, Pete

Without that flag we don’t touch any Metal functions directly, so my guess would be that it’s probably beyond our control.

Hi @t0m,

OK, thanks for checking! I wonder if anybody else has experienced this yet?


Getting this even without the Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer option … arrgh!

Work-around for those who see this:

Toggle the Metal API Validation via your Xcode Scheme:

Scheme > Edit Scheme… > Run > Diagnostics > Metal API Validation - and turn it off!