MagicMouse or trackpad wheel issue in 64bits

Hi Jules,

deltaX and deltaY returns NaN when using a magicMouse or a trackpad in 64bits (happen 10.7 or 10.8 )

You can easily reproduce this using the Juce Demo and change the debug version to compile in 64bits (using 10.6 SDK)

It didn’t happen in older version of Juce FWIW


If you use the code equivalent to PPC, it works fine.
Related to deviceDeltaX and deviceDeltaY then

I use a trackpad myself, and 64-bit builds, in 10.7. Maybe the difference is that you’re using the 10.6 SDK - try 10.7 instead?

Still using xCode 3.2.5 so I don’t have access to 10.7 SDK (because of PACE protection)

Would be great if it worked using 10.6 SDK as well ? :smiley:

Ok, fair point. I guess it needs to check whether the result is a NaN, because it does seem to be the case that some devices implement that method, but it doesn’t work.


By the way, it does works in 32bits and deviceDeltaX, deviceDeltaY returns correct values

Yeah, I know - I’ve checked something in already if you want to try.

Works fine now.

Thanks !