Make modules view detect aliased folders in modules folder

I have recently been toying with

The easiest way to work with this would be to clone the repo somewhere on disk and then place an alias (mac OSX) of the desired external modules into the JUCE modules folder. Unfortunately, the introjucer fails to recognise the aliased modules folders. Would it be possible to add this feature?

Hmm… I’ve not tried this, but it might be as simple as making one little change:

[code]void ModuleList::rescan (const File& newModulesFolder)
moduleFolder = getModulesFolderForJuceOrModulesFolder (newModulesFolder);

if (moduleFolder.isDirectory())
    DirectoryIterator iter (moduleFolder, false, "*", File::findDirectories);

    while (
        const File moduleDef (iter.getFile().getLinkedTarget().getChildFile (LibraryModule::getInfoFileName()));


Alternatively you could use a symbolic link which are automatically resolved. This is how I use external modules.
From the terminal:ln -s <source> <target>.

Nice tip dave :slight_smile: