Making a very special file list

Hello, I’d like to make a file list which should contains only some user-defined folders, and some custom graphics.

C:\files\pictures\ as "pic"
D:\games\gui\ as "gamegui"
C:\newpictures\ as “newpic”

I wanted to make a file list that shows:


And when you left clic in them the folder show all its files and subfolders.

  1. I thought in use an inherited FileListComponent with a new paintListBox method, but I couldn’t add more that one “custom folder” to it.

  2. Then I thought into use a new inherited class from ListBox, DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent and ListBoxModel, but if I do this I’ll have to use the juce default scroll bar (sorry, I don’t like it) or create a new LookAndFeel and change all the scrollbars into my project (I want a unique scroll bar for this list).

Then I should do it with DirectoryContentsList, some Components and a new inherited Scroll bar.

Am I wrong with 1) or 2)? Any orientation would be highly valued. Thanks!

You can apply a lookandfeel to a specific component, you know? You’re not limited to only having one for the whole project.

No I didn’t know, I’m a newbie yet, I started to learn c++ and juce one month ago :wink: Thanks you for your support! I’ll try this now! :slight_smile: