Making an Effect Plug-in with hidden Aux outputs?

Hi All-

Apologies if this is a misguided question, or if I’m not understanding aux outputs correctly from the various guides.

Basically, I’m working on an effect plug-in where, if possible, I’d like to have “hidden” aux outputs that tap audio after different stages of processing in the plug-in, while still having a “standard” default mono->mono or stereo->stereo configuration. So essentially, the plug-in behaves like a normal mono->mono or stereo->stereo plugin when inserted, but the user could access the additional aux outputs from another track, if they desire only certain parts of the processing separately. I know this is possible in Live (I’ve tried and it works), but I’m not so sure about other DAWs. After reading the different JUCE multi-bus postings/guides, it seems like that it is intended for having multiple aux outputs always visible, or in many cases, changing the number of output channels the track in the DAW has. Is what I’m considering possible in most (or many) DAWs?


Just having several aux outputs should work. Try the MultiOutSynth demo in JUCE/examples/PluginSamples on the experimental/multibus branch.

Thanks Fabian, just checked it out and it looks like it should work.

Hi All-

After having this project shelved for the past year, I’ve been able to get back to it. It seems that with AU/VST, most DAWs (Logic-AU/Live-AU/Cubase-VST for instance) will only let you use aux outputs if the plug-in is an instrument/synth, not an effect. Has anyone had any luck getting aux outputs consistently working for an AU/VST effect plug-in, or is this just a limitation of most DAWs that only instruments have this feature?