Making my own custom installer with BinaryBuild and other options. Possible?

Guys, just want to brainstorm a bit here to see if I'm getting things right.

Can I use the BinaryBuilder to embebed a ZIP file into my project and have it decompressed internally, and have it run on both Windows and MAC?

The idea is to make my own installer that would place the plugins in the right folder on both Win/MAC platforms and also deal with the Data files: skin, presets, modules (dll on win and dylib on mac).

The problem is the MAC side, since VST and AU files are bundles, not a single file, so I guess I would need to ZIP those instead of embebeding the actual bundles.

I want to make my own installer and have it in a single file. If none of this is possible, I could just make a compressed file that would have all files and the app/exe that moves those files, but is not as elegant as a single app/exe file. ;-)

Thanks for any help!

Best Regards, WilliamK

Yes, that's possible of course, but it'd be doing things in a ridiculously hard way. Unless you need to do something that's impossible in existing installer systems, then rolling your own would be a massive mistake, IMHO!

Indeed, thanks Jules.