Master Track?

I’m not seeing any obvious “Master Track” in Tracktion Engine. But, I do see references to Master Track features.

It would be helpful to have an example of how “Master Track” features are intended to be used?

My main need is master volume, master plugins, and master automation.

What is the expected usage for a “Master Track”?

There isn’t a master track, however there is a master section for plugins. They process the main outputs only. You can put automation for them on any track. You can get access to the master plugins with Edit::getMasterPluginList().

Thank you. I guessed as much, but was hoping for a few moire details,…perhaps a brief example?

What exactly are you trying to do?
There’s essentially two things you can get that are “master”:
VolumeAndPanPlugin::Ptr Edit::getMasterVolumePlugin() const
PluginList& Edit::getMasterPluginList() const noexcept

Then you can add plugins, remove plugins etc. in the usual way, it’s just a PluginList the same as those that live on Tracks.

If you want to automate master plugin parameters (or the mast vol/pan parameters) you do so like any other parameter (all AutomatableParameters have AutomationCurves you can add points to). You don’t need to add parameters to tracks to automate them, this is merely a visual thing we do in Waveform.

I hope that helps. If not, maybe there’s a more specific question we can answer?

I’ll work with those ideas. Thank you.

I want to simply have a Master volume, Master plugins, and Master VU meter.

And, having said that, what is the appropriate way to get the Master level for a VU meter?

The master levels are only available when there is an active EditPlaybackContext. You can get it with EditPlaybackContext::masterLevels. I hope that helps.

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Great! Thank you!

Good information, thanks!