Material Design

In my continuing quest at a modern interface for JUCE I have been playing around with a JUCE version of Material Design. I think this may be a viable commercial product if it worked on all supported platforms. I have a Windows demo here. I would love some feedback.

To just see a quick video of the code in action

BTW this is by no means the complete set of MD widgets. Just a proof of concept.


What is Material Design ?

It’s a set of design guidelines (maybe that’s an oversimplification) made by Google, which they are currently using across their product range.

i trully like what you did, and wondering how did you achieved all the transitions. im assuming that youve been rolling out your own components, but then how did you worked out the LAF part of it ? can you share some of the workflow ?

Most inherit from the obvious class ( ToggleButton for example) and also Timer. Animation is handled similar to AnimatedAppComponent.

very nice

Looks very nice! If you could combine it with a nice layout system to do UI then Im sure lots of people would be interested to invest.

Can you make a quick video demo? Interested to see this. Or a win32 build? (I’m on Mac and only have a Win32 VM atm). Thanks

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Very nice! Adding some support for a material design look has been one of the things we’ve been wanting to do for ages, but just haven’t got around to.

That’s why I keep saying you guys should hire me to overhaul the UI in JUCE :slight_smile:

Check the new link above for a quick video


Really nice, looking slick :thumbsup:

Well, we are currently hiring…