Maverick/Xcode6.3 compatibility with latest Apple devices


I have brough back to live an old MackbookPro 3.1 by installing Maverick 10.9.5 (from 10.5.8) and a SSD Drive. Minimum requirements to program with JUCE4. It's got 4GB RAM and so far it runs fairly good.

I have checked and the highest XCode version I can install is XCODE6.3 (or 6.2, not really sure yet). Do you know if there is full compatibility to program IOS/OSX devices?Or maybe to make an app work with latest Iphone6 I must have Xcode7??

On the other hand in that case I can try to install El Captain OS....but I was said it takes more resources than Maverick and maybe it doesn't run so "smoothly" as Maverick does now in my old MBP3.1.

I am not a MAC fan, and I don't know too much about this, so any help is really welcome!.





I can't launch Projuce4.1 with Maveric 10.9.5.

And I have tried to install Xcode6.3 and it shows a "forbidden" sign. So O think I will have compatibility problems.

I am going to try to install El Capitán. Show I install latest XCODE version??




All Macs that can run OS X Mavericks or Yosemite can run El Capitan. As far as I am aware it will run just as smoothly. So feel free to go ahead and upgrade, and also to install the newest Xcode, which is 7.2 at this time.

XCode 6.3 requires a minimum of OSX 10.10

So you'll either need to remove that and install XCode 6.2 (the last version to run on 10.9.5) or update the OS to at least 10.10.


Wikipedia has a XCode/OSX/iOS compatilbility chart that appears to be pretty accurate:


Hi , thanks for your answers.

I got confused because the minmum Mac requirements for Projucer4 are, xos 10.9, and xcode6.3. But it doesn't make sense since 10.9 is not compatible with xcode6.3, do I explain myself?

Anyway I have installed El Capitan and now Projucer works....altough I m still to dowload Xcode ok??I have also seen there are couple of apps as "Graphic Tools for xcode7" and "Audio Tools", Should I install them too??In that case, shall i do it in the APP folder as any .dmg file?or within Xcode folder or so??

Just to let know people with old MBP, I have got a MBP3.1 which I have brought to life thanks to a SSD drive and 4GB RAM, formerly I had a xos 10.5.8...too old....I installed Maverick because I though  El capitan may take too many system resources....Maverick runs really OK, but I think EL capitan is the same or even slighty guys, if you are in the same situation don't be afraid to update your old MBP in this way for just about 100 bucks..

Of course, i didn't do it ..a  friend of mine who is a MAC geek did it since it was not straightforward to update it from 10.5 to 10.9 since this MBP doesn't boot from USB (I think),


Best regards