Mavericks file issues

We are having problems with our plug-in under Mavericks, it seems like none of the  juce::File operations are working. The directory we store presets etc under is /Library/Application Support/OurCompany/  

Has anyone else been having these issues?


/Library is probably write-protected! You should probably be using ~/Library instead.

Yup, they switchted the default permissons to read only and it "repairs"  our folder post the mavericks upgrade to this. At least we can issue a fix, I was really thinking that our activation system was broken due to some maverick changes in how it handles MAC addresses. 




Below explains things I suppose!




        case SystemStats::MacOSX_10_4 :

        case SystemStats::MacOSX_10_5 :

        case SystemStats::MacOSX_10_6 :

        case SystemStats::MacOSX_10_7 :

        case SystemStats::MacOSX_10_8 :




         installdir = "/Library/Application Support/"+inProductName;

         printf("%d",system_type );