Maximilian maxiConvolve fails compile in Vis.Stud.2019- anyone fixed this?

I am using the Maximilian library in my Juce audio plugin project, but the build will fail with a couple of errors from that.
I have fixed a couple myself but I am stumped by the following line in MaxiConvolve (return from maxiConvolve::play(float w) )

return ifft.process(&sumReal.front(), &sumImag.front(), maxiIFFT::COMPLEX); 

I get
E0461 initial value of reference to non-const must be an lvalue
for the two first parameters from my Visual Studio 2019.
Has anyone else experienced this and perhaps fixed it?
Sorry if this is too unrelated in this forum… :grimacing:

Well, you should ask them -that’s sending a float* to a std::vector< float >& argument. Someone had reported it here.

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