Memory acces violation with 2 monitors

Hi there,

I had a wierd bug happening in my collegue’s computer that we can’t figure out how to solve.

The windows app I’m developing stopped even opening on his computer and after a lot of debugging and head scratching we found out that his monitor configuration was affecting the memory.

So he uses a laptop and an external monitor and he had them layout like this

and he was getting this exception

in this line:

So when it reached line 72, userProps was stored in that wierd address and thrown an exception when trying to check if it was a nullptr.

When he aligned his screens the problem was solved. We tried this several times with always the same output:

  • wonky monitors layout -> memory access error
  • neat monitors layout -> no problem

I tryied to reproduce this on my system with 2 external monitors but I never got the error.

Any ideas of what can be happening and how to solve it?