Memory Allocation Error in vstHost


Prior to starting to look at JUCE to see if it will meet my needs, I had been using a very simple host made by Herman Seib ( to do some testing of vsts that I made.

Recently, I made a very vanilla vst with JUCE; in fact, it is just a blank gui editor.  Upon closing the vst, Mr. Seib's host told me there is a memory allocation error.  I did not receive a similar message in Reaper, Logic, or the demo for Bitwig.

The vst was set up the same way as the Redwood demo (, though it includes no Timer or code for the stereo width control they made.

Having said this, I am no expert programmer, so I am wondering if anyone has come across this before and how they tracked down the problem.

Thank you all.


You're really going to have to be lot less vague than "a memory allocation error" for anyone to stand a chance of being able to help!

Ok, I got it worked out.  It was simply due to me not adding in some code for a few functions.  That is what you get for trying things quickly...


By any chance, can you tell us which functions were missing? I just got the same error with an new empty plugin.

I just ran into the same thing, and I tracked it down.
VSTHost can’t handle an empty getStateInformation() function body. You have to set the size of the destination MemoryBlock to something other than zero. Until you implement getStateInformation() properly, just put in a call to destData.setSize(1) to eliminate the error popups.


Hardly the appropriate time to resurrect an old thread. Better off moving this to a new post altogether!

I don’t agree. I have the solution to my problem, I may not have seen it otherwise.
And it is exactly the proper thread. The good title with the problem and the corresponding solution. Splitting problem and solution is not appropriate.

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