Memory Leak Detector for OSX

Does anybody know a good memory leak detector for OSX? I need something like VLD (Visual Leak Detector) for Visual Studio on Windows.
I’ve tried valgrind, it didn’t find the leak, and slows the app down by a few thousand percents.
I’ve tried the Apple one, which didn’t do what I wanted.
So far, I haven’t been able to find anything like VLD on Windows… If anybody knows a good one, please tell me!

Xcode has “Instruments”.

I tried that one but couldn’t get any useful info.

I have used Valgrind on Linux and it was really good… Yes I know that it truly slow downs the application but it really helps you out with the leak as even VLD used to slow things on my Windows app considerably… Perhaps there might be suppressed leaks which can be found out using the -v option… Lets hope that you catch the leak soon…