MemoryBlock::loadFromHexString issue

I recently discovered when parsing a hex string with 5 characters (0x10001) that loadFromHexString sets the required size of the internal data incorrectly.

ensureSize ((size_t) hex.length() >> 1);

This line only works correctly when hex.length() is a multiple of 2.
Suggested fix:
insert a jassert(hex.length() % 2 == 0); at the top of the function and a comment explaining that strings passed into this function should have a length which is a multiple of 2.

I’m currently doing the following as a workaround where I’m using loadFromHexString():

     loadFromHexString() expects the string to have a length that is a multiple of 2.
     This is not stated in the documentation, but the implementation reveals this. 
    if( hex.length() % 2 != 0 )
        hex = "0" + hex;