MemoryLeak in ARAHostDocumentController

Hi, JUCE developers.

This is about extras/AudioPluginHost in JUCE v7.0.1.
After enabling ARA and running it in VisualStudio 2022, I noticed a memory leak when exiting the application after loading an ARA-enabled plug-in.

After checking with “Visual Leak Detector”( Visual Leak Detector | Enhanced Memory Leak Detection for Visual C++), it seems that the memory of the Controllers given in the argument of juce::ARAHostDocumentController::create() is not being released.
( in extras\AudioPluginHost\Source\Plugins\ARAPlugin.h:L750 )

There seems to be a problem with the JUCE code, could you please check?

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Thank you for reporting this. This is now fixed on develop


Thanks for the fix!
I checked that the memory leak no longer occurs.

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