Menu Issues Between Windows 7 & OS X 10.8


I am seeing a difference between Windows 7 SP1 and OS X 10.8.5 in how menus work.  I basically followed how JuceDemo does menus, and I have everything working exactly how I want it on Windows 7, but in OS X 10.8.5 all the menus come up greyed out. 

I have uploaded a Zip file with the entire project to:!111

(Will require IntroJucer to copy in the JUCE 2.1.5 Library Code)

The app is constructed like this:

JUCEApplication-> DocumentWindow -> Component -> TabbedComponent (there are 3 tabs)

The menus reside in the DocumentWindow (see source, I don't want to muddle up the post with tons of source).

The main Component also has other components (Status Bar and such) besides the TabbedComponent.

On Windows 7, the menu changes properly when clicking between the tabs.  On OS X, it does not.  On OS X, the menus are all greyed out until you click on a toolbar button (!), then the menus show as active, but still don't work as they do in Windows 7.

The part that has me stumped is the fact that it works perfectly with Windows 7, but not OS X.  I simply don't know where to start to fix this issue on OS X.

Thanks for your help,

David A. Hoatson


Stupid mistake.  Forgot to add: 

setApplicationCommandManagerToWatch( gpCommandManager );

Windows didn't care, OS X did.