Menu Item with Keypress and Icon

I'm in need of a Menu Item that has an Icon as well as a Keypress attached to it. I'm using the ApplicationCommandManager because that's the only way to attach a Keypress to a Menu Item (which forces you to use the ApplicationCommandManager unfortunately) but there is no overload that allows you to specifiy an Icon as well

Would it be possible if you guys add an overload like this to the PopupMenu class:

    void addCommandItem (ApplicationCommandManager* commandManager,

                     CommandID commandID,

                         const Image& iconToUse,

                         const String& displayName = String::empty);

Or maybe add an extra member to the ApplicationCommandInfo that holds the Icon (Image).
Or do you recommend doing this another way?


I posted this question directly before the forum Makeover so i guess that’s the reason it hasn’t been answered yet. Any thoughts on this?

Anyone care to reply ?