Merry xmas folks!

trying to assimilate this big lunch…


Yes, happy winterval, jucettes!

After a few days in the countryside doing family stuff and eating, I’m back in civilisation now. Hope you’re all having a nice break from coding!

yeah ! yesterday was climbing up to 2800mt in the snow with some friends of mine and a lot of dogs around… if this can be called
a nice break from coding… i’ve got my legs unusable for a couple of days !

jucette? That’s actually worse than Tracktioneer…

I’ll be a jucette if you buy me a sparkly dress and tap dancing shoes.

Juceketeers anyone?

No? Juceketeers? Anyone? No? Juceketeers? Anyone? No?

I’ll get me crimbo coat…

Juceologists? Juceophiles? Jucemongers? Jucemonkeys?..