messageManager and CTRL-Q

I have a strange new issue showing up after the most recent pull.

For some reason, CMD-Q no longer works to quit my application (it works find using the close button).

I should note that the Doc windows closeButtonPressed() executes JUCEApplication::getInstance()->systemRequestedQuit(); which then does JUCEApplication::getInstance()->quit(); I assume that cmd-Q jumps straight to systemRequestedQuit(), so I’m not sure what the difference could be.

Sometimes it crashes with a BAD_ACCESS (on the line below), but other times it just hangs and I have to pause it (and then see that it is stuck on the NSAPP run command below.

Anyway, not sure what might have changed, but thought it was worth the quick note.

cheers -

Haven’t seen anything like that in my projects… If you can give me a way to reproduce it, I’ll take a look.

Actually, I just noticed it shows up when I try to click on menus with ApplicationCommands on them as well … so I think it is something with the ApplicationCommandManager that is screwing up the MessageManager thread.

Looking a bit deeper now.

did you ever figure out the cause of the crash at [NSApp run]? When I quit I get EXC_BAD_ACCESS in the same place, but only if my document has changed and I have to call FileBasedDocument::saveIfNeededAndUserAgrees().