Midi core stuck when opening device that spits out midi

Hey everyone,

My application won't startup if the midi device that I'm opening via AudioDeviceManager::setMidiInputEnabled() sends a constant flow of midi data.

It seems to crash it and when pausing the app the Juce Message Thread get stuck into MidiInput::openDevice() at line:

if (CHECK_ERROR (MIDIInputPortCreate (client, name, midiInputProc, mpc, &port))) with a signal SIGSTOP notification


Any idea why?




Well, that's an OS function, so if it's stuck in there I'm not sure what to suggest!

I know I’m reviving a dusty post here, but did you ever find a resolution for this? I am experiencing the same issue.

Execution enters MIDIInputPortCreate but never returns. Xcode shows execution still running, but I seem to be unable to figure out what exactly it’s stuck on.

I don’t suppose its anything to do with the message thread is it?


Sounds like a driver bug to me - if it’s going wrong inside OS code then there’s really not much I can think of to suggest!