Midi Effect and sample rate


I’ve tried and managed to work on a project which generates some midi events as a standalone Component application. I would like to set it up as a pure midi plugin, to be optionally chained with another synth plugin to generate sounds, possibly handling midi events from the input to control the output of the plugin.

To this end, I created an AudioPlugin through the Projucer, and enabled the options MidiInput, MidiOutput and MidiEffect. Everything starts up okay until I try to choose the MS WaveTable synthetizer as an output (which I used to test things out in the standalone application). An assert fails in MidiMessageCollector::reset since the sample rate is apparently 0. However, as I don’t have audio inputs and outputs, I cannot choose a block size or sample rate in the options. I tried to look around to get the sample rate from somewhere else but it’s 0.

The Arpeggiator plugin has the same behavior if I launch it as standalone and try to choose the wavetable synth as my output. In fact, an empty MidiEffect plugin fresh out of the Projucer also throws the exception.

Am I missing something in the initialization for a pure Midi effect?

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