MIDI Generator VST with "Plugin is Synth" Enabled not working

Hello there!

I would like to build a MIDI generator that receives only host clock/ppq information, and have it be in the “Synth” category. For reference, any MIDI-only functions only seem to work as “Effect” for me right now. I’m wondering if there are a few lines of code I need to change.

The reason for this is that while Ableton handles cross-channel midi extraction and re-recording with no problems, FL Studio forces one to use a Patcher, which is a bit of a cumbersome workaround.

My base case is just adding MIDI note 60 at the start and cutting it off at the end of the buffer, 2 lines of code. (I have a working plugin, but that’s not the issue).

Is there a secret sauce I am missing?

Thank you!