Midi handling tutorial error

It seems there is a inheritance error in the midi handling tutorial with the note off function.  The fix is easy.  Just add velocity as parameter so it matches the parameter set in the api version of the funtion.

Also I'm new here and I just wanted to say that learning audio unit developement with juce is one millions.0 times better and easier than using the mostly broken and out date documentation apple provides.  Seriously I wasted months tracking down error in their example code just getting it into a compilable form so I could see how it worked.  All I have to say is thanks to the JUCE team for making the process so much more painless.

Thanks! Glad you've been enjoying it, and we'll check that tutorial code..

Hi and thanks for spotting this. Yes, that was a change in MidiKeyboardState a few months ago which broke that tutorial project.

Anyway, I fixed this now. Just waiting for our web devs to upload the fixed demo project, should be up on the website soon.

The fixed version is online now.