Midi message empty constructor?

creating midi messages like this isn’t supported anymore ?

i’m getting an assert hit every time i have MidiMessage message (0, 0, 0); in my code…

what should be the right empty constructor (for use with interators) ?

well any real midi message would be ok - I think I used MidiMessage (0xf4, 0.0), because it’s only one byte.


anyway it is a bit of pain to grep and sed them all… an empty constructor ?

…not sure about having an empty constructor - the class kind of assumes that it always contains a message of length > 0…

but the empty constructor could construct it with the minimal size.
i don’t care too much what it’s being written in, if it will be overwritten by the iterator loop… just for convenience
anyway, i’ve just now replaced ALL my asserting constructors, so you could leave it as it is…

yeah, I’m not really sure what’s best in this case.