MIDI note remapper

Windows VST DLL download

Source code + VCe project

Here’s something i knocked together this evening for someone on KVR. It just remaps incoming midi note numbers. It should be pretty straightforward how it works. The source is here if you want to rip it apart or add to it. I’ve already made sure that the mapping configuration is saved with channel data, even though the user interface doesn’t currently allow for such things.

As I’m also working on a bunch of other things (and final uni work!), I’m not likely to do a lot more to this, though I have some things I want to add before it’s finished.

Thus, I propose a challenge, for those who are bored. See if you can expand it with the following features.


  • add controls to select channels for input and output notes.
  • input channel selection should change the current map being used by the NoteMapHandler
  • output channel selection should change the channel number that is assigned to target notes when a note is selected.


  • add load/save feature to the panel. This is probably a bit trickier than it seems as it should be compatible with the host generated fxp file (i.e. a file saved in one way should load in the other way fine).


  • add a MIDI learn function, for both input and output notes.

Just check the interfaces for the various classes if anything is too alien, or ask me. Sorry it’s not heavily commented, it was quickly made!