MIDI over network, protocol specs

Are there any protocol specs for the MIDI->Network native driver that OSX uses, i’d like to write a server/client for the PC/Linux to work with that native driver. Can anyone point me to any devel docs/libraries/articles that would help with that, i really don’t want to do reverse engineering on this, i can imagine Apple made it more complicated then it should be.

I’m sure you have done the same searhcing as me. The MIDI is encoded as RTP MIDI but the sessions are setup using a seemingly “not-widely-documented” protocol. Doug Wyatt at Apple seems to provide this info separately. I haven’t looked into this route though.

I found that Wireshark had a parser for RTP and Apple network MIDI so that code might be helpful, if you can decipher it…

i was hoping i won’t have to go the ethereal/wireshark road, but it seems there is no other way.

Several years down the road to be sure - but how did you make out with this? Any pointers?

I think I gave up! And it’s not something I need any more.