MIDI Tempo Editing VST Plugin

Hi everyone,

I’m new to JUCE and I’m trying to create a tempo editing plugin. Basically, the user would initially record a sequence of notes without worrying about tempo, and the plugin would store the notes played. Then, it would record another sequence in which it would ignore the actual notes being played (the user plays the same one key on the keyboard) and would only capture the exact timestamp at which each note is played. Finally, the plugin would enforce this tempo/rhythm by matching each of the notes played on the first pass to the timestamps of the notes played on the second pass.

The goal is to allow people who are physically incapable of playing at a normal speed to be able to record a song without being overwhelmed by having to focus on both melody and rhythm.

Does anyone have any ideas/resources on how this could be implemented? I’m thinking that I would first need to create a way of recording, stop recording, and the storing the two separate MIDI Buffers, and finally have a third button that would map each note on the first buffer to the matching timestamp on the second buffer?

Any input would be very much appreciated!