MIDI Through with Side Tap to another Device

Hi all,

First let me say I am brand-new to juce but hoping it can solve a problem I have.
Before I go to far I just want to check that juce is the right tool.

I am going to hopefully create a plug-in that passes midi straight through without change but reads that midi, and checks if a certain cc value is received, it then sends a new CC value on a specific cc to another midi device.

It will be used as an insert effect in Cubase instruments tracks.

Would this be possible? I can work out the coding etc but just wanted to check that juce can support this before I go too far…



Not sure what your expectations are, but if it is a plugin, you won’t read midi, but you will be sent midi from the daw (ie. you don’t get to pick where it comes from within the plugin). also, what is the device you are sending to?

Thanks for coming back to me.

I want the plugin to sit in the fx chain insert of cubase instrument track and when the track is selected in cubase it sends a value (which is user assignable through the plugin settings) between 0 -127 on a (also assignable) Continuous Controller (CC).

The important aspect is that the channel that the plugin sends the cc value to is assignable to a midi device and channel that is different to the instrument on the cubase channel.

I can set cubase up to send a midi cc into the instrument channel when channel is selected, that’s easily enough, but I need that cc value to trigger the plugin to send a cc value out to a different channel.

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