MidiBuffer class + new Method to get raw buffer data

Hello Jules,

I know I can change this for my self, but for each new release I must doit again.

Add please a method to have access to raw data. (pointer and length like MidiMessage).



No, because the internal data format could change in the future and break your code!

What is it that you can't already do with the iterator?

It is simple, only a interprocess transfer of the data blob itself.

So a iterator for disassembling to binary blob is required + IOP transfer and assemble the MidiBuffer again 

( a new constructor is otherwise equired). Yes you are right, when the internal format is changed, than here is a problem.

But the programs (midi source and sink) are build with the same JUCE version, so no problem exists. It helps

a lot when MidiBuffer has raw data member in protected region and not private, so new methods are required.



Interesting question - it made me notice that actually the class could have been written more cleanly using an Array, which could be public. Have a go of what I've checked in and let me know if it helps!