MidiKeyboardComponent requests

For the lovely MidiKeyboardComponent I would have 2 requests:

  • The MidiKeyboardComponent should be able to tell some registered listeners (new class MidiKeyboardComponentListener?) that the key the mouse is over has changed.
  • A method MidiKeyboardComponent::setMouseOverKey(int theKeyTheMouseIsOver) should be added.

Because I am programming a MIDI Zone Editor (for instance, for placing samples over keys) and the rows in the zone grid should automatically be highlighted when the mouse goes over the MidiKeyboardComponent. Other way around, when the mouse moves over the zone grid rows, the corresponding keys should be highlighted on the MidiKeyboardComponent.

I implemented this, but had to modify the MidiKeyboardComponent source code slightly to get it working, which I don’t like to do.

Fair request, though too minor for me to fit in any time soon. If you want to chuck me some code I might have time to do a quick merge.