MidiKeyboardComponent Timer frequency

Without getting into too many details… I noticed a change in the way that the keys on the keyboard would respond (actually stopped responding) via a NoteOn to my processor’s MidiKeyboardState object when updating JUCE from repos 3e5ae4e. It seems the changes you made to the Timer (in repos 4b4d216 ) affected my code. I was able to fix the issue by changing the MidiKeyboardComponent timer frequency to 18 (from 22). I was wondering if you have any solutions for changing the MidiKeyboardComponent timer frequency value other than modifying the JUCE source to

I was wondering if you’d consider one of the following:

  1. changing the value in your MidiKeyboardComponent constructor


  1. have a public method where we can change the frequency



Can you get into some more details? I can't see why/how that change could actually stop anything working - the timer changes are just an optimisation, they may make some subtle differences to the scheduling of timers, but won't actually stop one being called.

I don't mind the idea of changing the timer frequency in this case, or even making it public, but would only do so if you can explain why it's needed?

Hi Jules,

I sent you a detailed Private Message to explain what’s going on in my plugin.